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Norway Artist In Residency 2022!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This past July I got over one of my biggest fears, flying! I got accepted to Light Grey Art Lab’s artist in residency program in Norway and didn’t let my fear of flying get in the way of a fun adventure! I met some amazing people, ate seafood, waffles, chocolate, lots of bread. I also hiked in the rain, (and bought a fun rain jacket), saw water falls, fjords, ships, painted, drew, and just took in the view of the beautiful country. We stayed in a house on a ski slope, and I taught a workshop on fear and failure and listened and learned from the other artists’ workshops, it was a great and unforgettable experience! I have my family and friends to thank for making this trip happen, for their love and support as well as my coach Nicole @abundance_flow_coach for helping me get through this big fear step by step breaking down what was blocking me, the pandemic made it easier to not fly and gave me an excuse to give in to the fear, but this trip helped me work through it. Here are some pictures from the trip, there will be more to come as I go through them finally :)





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