Quarantine Doreen

I hope everyone is well and safe! These last few weeks/months now seem way longer than it’s been and this “new normal” still seems so strange to me but it’s hard to imagine how life was before this. Some days are good (when it’s sunny out) some days seem to be a bit more of a challenge (when it’s grey and rainy) weather definitely seems to be affecting my mood and I’m trying to take self care more seriously than I did in the past (which I’ve been taking seriously over the last 5 years, but now need to more than ever). I have been running almost everyday, even in the yucky weather which I drag my feet on ha ha. I'm not terribly fond of running but it gets me outside and helps with my anxiety, also lets me feel less guilty about the glass of wine I have afterwards with dinner! I’m drawing and or painting everyday and trying to declutter a bit each day as well. Each day I’m moving forward, writing, reading and just moving whenever I feel stuck. I’m not as productive as I would like to be but I’m also not going to beat myself up about what I’m not doing and focus on what I am doing. Being a caretaker to my mom battling inflammatory breast cancer and homeschooling my daughter with the new distance learning is a priority. Another priority is to come out of this quarantine with some new habits: being more conscious with how I spend my money and saving more, besides a daily exercise practice I now have a daily art practice, I’m also recognizing my anxiety even more and it’s triggers and working on calming it down. Also being ok with being still for a while is a challenge but a good one, I'm trying to meditate just a teeeeeny bit (sitting still is hard!) and appreciating what I have. Showing and thinking about gratitude has definitely lifted my mood when I'm down. I think this lockdown has given me a lot of time to focus on my self awareness and see what I need to work on. I hope you all are trying to find the little moments of positivity in this, and if you are a healthcare worker, cashier, chef, sanitation, or anyone else working on the frontlines right now, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, I really appreciate it! And another special note to all the teachers out there: holy crap your job is hard and I thank you for all you do because this distance learning has definitely made your job harder, Thank you! PS- I’m learning I’m really bad at 4th grade science and need to add that to my list of new things to work on during this!

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