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Over the quarantine I started to teach myself how to read Tarot. I’m still really new at this but I started a new habit, and I’m on day 3 of getting my a$$ out of bed at 6 am instead of sleeping in! Sometimes I ask a question when I shuffle it, sometimes I don’t and just let the cards talk to me on how the day will go. I look at the two that I drew the other day: the top of the deck was the Three of Wands as my Card of the Day and my Shadow card was the Eight of Cups. To me this all talks about a journey. The Eight of Cups signifies letting go of the negative and all my feelings and fears I’ve had, it’s about letting go of what has been holding me back, to stop ignoring my instincts and to go for what makes me happy. The Three of Wands echos this in my new journey, which I have taken many times over and made many changes in my life. Right now I’m talking about my art career, I followed too many paths before because I followed the money and worried about my career in art supporting me financially. This did not serve me well, instead it caused more anxiety about money, and caused me to take on jobs that did not make me happy. I am letting go of the thought that my art needs to make me money and instead looking at art to make me happy. From reading @chasejarvis book Creative Calling and @elizabeth_gilbert_writer book Big Magic both focused on getting jobs outside of art to make money so you can focus on your art from a place of love. I did just that. I’m a bartender now which I have mentioned in a few previous posts (which has always been on my list of jobs I want to try, right next to VoiceOver artist lol) and I love it! I get to use my creativity in a different way, in mixing flavors and cocktails, and making people happy in a way other than my art. I go to work, I get paid, I come home and I can now make art without the fear of it having to support me, instead I support my art. I think these two cards for me are about letting go of my old thought patterns and starting a new journey. It’s not my first big change or journey and it won’t be my last ;)

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