Hello 2020!

I’m a little late to make a New Years post but here it goes! The last decade has definitely been filled with it’s ups and downs, some of the challenges to name a few: bankruptcy, divorce, multiple fails at my career and career changes, fear of doing what I really want to do, fear of saying no, fear of disappointing people and my mom being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and becoming her caretaker. But the positives still out weigh the negatives, and and the negatives have made me stronger, some of the positives have been: watching my daughter grow up and shine, repairing a relationship with my mom, meeting the love of my life, stepping out of my comfort zone, letting go of fears and rising above the set backs, learning to say no, learning to take care of myself, realizing it’s necessary to take care of myself, meeting new friends, letting go of toxicity, it hasn’t been easy but I’m so excited for a new decade, new routines, new habits, new calls to action, new insight, new drive, new paths to go in and new directions without fear. I started bar tending to make extra cash while I pursue the art career I really want to pursue, I started to exercise daily and be less sedentary, I am trying to stop worrying about failing or disappointing people because doing that has gotten me nowhere, and I have started to slow down and live more in the moment and be grateful for those moments. So hears to new beginnings and jumping in!! Happy New Year everyone I hope you find what you are looking for and let go of what’s holding you back 💗😘🥂🎇 PS— Four books that have helped me over 2019 were The 5 Second Rule by @melrobbins Creative Calling by @chasejarvis An Audience of One by @unmistakableceo and Rising Strong by @brenebrown I highly recommend all of these!

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