My New Studio

It will be 4 months since we permanently closed the doors to The P-Nut Gallery. And while that chapter didn’t succeed as well as I hoped, it was still filled with great memories and a lot of learning experiences. I wouldn’t say the business failed, it’s just a stepping stone in figuring out where I will be taking my career. And in the spirit of moving forward here is a picture of my new in-house art studio. It took a while to condense, purge and organize 1300 feet worth of stuff from the gallery to one little room but I think it’s finally to a point where I can feel comfortable painting without feeling claustrophobic. I took last week to try and sort things out and start painting again. It was nice to have a 4 month hiatus to concentrate on other things, but I missed painting so much and now will be posting regularly. I also have 50 plus canvases in my house either of half finished paintings from the gallery or still blank that I want to paint on or finish so that they can find their forever homes!

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