Keep Moving Forward!

I had a challenging morning today but I am not going to let it get me down, in fact I’m using that energy to create. I put on some loud music to inspire me (Black Math and A Perfect Circle). And I’m just going to finally do something that I keep saying I'm going to do but put off. Blog. Wooo! It shouldn’t be this hard, but my fear of it sucking at it and keeping up a steady blog schedule has made it that way. So I just need to start somewhere and here I go, so suck away!! Ha ha, here is my blog :)

Taco Tuesday!

Tuesdays usually involve two things I really love. Roller Derby and Tacos (and puppies). I basically play roller derby so I can eat tacos guilt free. So I thought this little sketch seemed appropriate for todays blog sketch :) Side note, it would be really expensive if dogs played roller derby because of all the skates they need to buy, just sayin'...

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